I have been a serious photographer and occasional writer for many years now. While I have done quite a bit of professional work, photography and writing are much more of a personal passion that I want to share than they are an ambition for me. For quite some time I’d been wanting a place where I could share my pictures and my thoughts, and maybe even find a few new clients!

So when Josh and I first started talking about him putting together a website, I pictured a simple site where I could show off some of my photos and maybe leave some text. What he delivered was way cooler than what I expected. It’s sleek, cool, has some great functionality, and most importantly it’s easy for me to manage myself. The site runs very smoothly, and on the few instances where there have been problems Josh has been quick to implement a solution.

Josh is a great guy to deal with, and I believe that he puts in an honest effort to understand his clients and their product or message, and works to tailor a site that fits the client’s needs and personality. I was particularly impressed by the amount of work he put into SEO details, which proved to be very effective. Not only was the work top-notch, but he was able to very clearly and effectively help me understand what I could do personally to improve my site’s rankings.

When the site was launched he gave me direct on-line assistance to ensure I understood how to use and manage my site, and to get the most out of what he’d made available to me. In the end I feel like Josh had a better handle on what I needed than I did myself! I have already recommended his services to multiple friends and colleagues, and will definitely do so again in the future.