As a working writer, I need a website — a place to store published work and keep readers updated with new articles and appearances. Unfortunately, without a lot of extra time or money I was unsure how to begin the process of building my own site. It seemed like an impossibility. So thank God for Hi-Fai Interactive.

Right off the bat, Josh got to work. Together, we found other websites that we both liked and picked them apart, noting what worked and what didn’t about each one. Josh asked many specific questions and made notes of exactly what I wanted. Each time he came up with an idea, we looked it over and then tweaked the idea to my liking.  Josh’s patience is that of Gandhi.

It didn’t matter how many adjustments I had or how long the process took, it was clear that he wouldn’t be happy until I was. The process of building a website (which I thought would be like spending hard time in prison) was actually fun. And, I have to be honest: It was great to have such an impassioned web nerd at my disposal.

What I ended up with was a website that went way beyond my expectations. I thought I would get a reasonable little dwelling to house all of my writing, but I ended up with the Taj Mahal.

Even after the site was finished, Josh was still incredibly helpful. He was there to answer questions, fix bugs and let me know when I was doing things the wrong way. Not only did he build a great website, he taught me how to maintain a great website.

What it comes down to is that Hi-Fai gives you highly personalized service with web designers who really, truly take pride in their work. To this day, I get emails from people asking who made my website and how they can get such a cool looking design on the Internet. “It’s easy,” I tell them. “Hi-Fai.”