My website helps people find land for sale online. So it’s important that all my visitors get the same user experience, however after the previous web developer built the site, we found a high percentage of our clients were using older browsers. Unfortunately, I realized after some confused land buyers called me, that the developer who had built the site (before I found Hi-Fai) did not code it to be cross-browser compatible. I found Hi-Fai online and Josh cleaned up the code for me across the site, and it immediately made us accessible to a large group of land buyers we didn’t realize we were missing before.

As a result, Hi-Fai Interactive brought me more business.

Hi-Fai Interactive was very quick and available to get the work done as soon as I needed help with my project. They actually worked for me over a holiday weekend, since I had told them how urgent the problem was and I was very pleased with the price they charged. They were easy to communicate with and they know what they’re doing. I have since used Josh for several projects and get the same level of service and quality each time.

Josh is an excellent communicator and problem solver. When a new task would come up he would have a voice chat with me and made sure we were on the same page, which was great. Another thing I liked is he didn’t waste my time, he dove right into the task at hand and got things done. Even offered some web design tips.

When the inevitable surprises came up, he gave me good advice, and took care of it. At the end of the day, that is why I pay someone to build a website for me, to take responsibility for it and get it completed quickly. Josh and his team did just that so I would recommend the Hi-Fai team to anyone for their website design and website development expertise.