Web Design

Hi-Fai is a web design company based in Bangkok which seeks to create rich, stylish, and eye catching websites aimed at grabbing the attention of our client’s audience. We work on projects all over the world from Tokyo to San Francisco. It’s our goal to provide you with options that are best suited for your situation and budget.

When you choose to build a website with us, we make sure that you are well informed upon website release. Many web companies keep their clients in the dark in order to bill more hours. We build sites that enable you to be more involved with it’s growth, you play a part in helping your website succeed, and we’ll give you the training to do just that. We build sites that that you can update yourself without the need of any extra programmers for updates.

With over fifteen years of experience, we have seen the web grow in leaps and bounds. With the advent of mobile technology we have seen the internet change once again to become a whole other platform for the web that fits right in the palm of your hand.

Hi-Fai Interactive has established itself as a web design company for many years now with great websites to prove it. From publishers to festival organizations, we supply the area with eye-catching websites that have proven to grow and develop over the years. If you are looking for a web design company, there’s no need to look further. While our web design services certainly extend beyond Bangkok, we hold special affection for our local clients.

Whether you run an enterprise-level firm or are just starting your business from home, if you have a vision for web presence, we can help bring it into focus. As your Bangkok web design company of choice, we can help you choose what kind of web solutions you’ll need to best achieve your website goals.

From basic brochure-style web sites to full-scale ecommerce applications, our web design services can give you everything you are looking for. Regardless of how small or big your web design needs to be, we’ll provide the same level of care and consideration when helping our clients cultivate their website presence.

If you have a project or idea that you would like some advice on, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.